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How to activate Screenpresso pro ?
Follow the process described in this PDF document.
How to update to the latest version of Screenpresso ?
Follow the process described in this PDF document.
How to deploy Screenpresso ?
Screenpresso is a standalone exe that can be used from command line.
Simply run screenpresso.exe /? for more information.

To install Screenpresso in program files folder via a script (having administrator rights): "screenpresso.exe -install pf -silent".
You can also simply install Screenpresso to program files folder by starting Screenpresso then clicking on "Install" button while holding control key.

To specify default settings for all users: start Screenpresso, open settings window and change them as required. Click on the export link in "General" tab then save "settings.xml" next to Screenpresso.exe in program files folder.

Screenpresso supports environment variables for the working folder. Edit TempFolderScreenShots in advanced settings tab. Supported variables are:
- %Personal%
- %MyDocuments%
- %MyPictures%
- %Desktop%
- %DesktopDirectory%
- %ApplicationData%
- %CommonApplicationData%
- %LocalApplicationData%
- any other enviroment variables
This must be set before the user starts Screenpresso for the very first time.

Abstract of the files to deploy:
- Screenpresso.exe (the same exe works natively on 32 bits or 64 bits operating systems)
- Optionally: copy ScreenpressoHelp.pdf next to Screenpresso.exe in folder "\Program Files\LearnPulse\Screenpresso"
- Optionally: copy FFmpeg.exe next to Screenpresso.exe in folder "\Program Files\LearnPulse\Screenpresso". It is the video converter. This will avoid Screenpresso to automatically download it once from the Internet when necessary.
- Optionally: copy "settings.xml" next to Screenpresso.exe in folder "\Program Files\LearnPulse\Screenpresso". It contains customized default settings for your users (and may also contain a license for PRO)
How to retrieve lost activation key ?
To retrieve your activation key, use this URL:
You will receive it by e-mail immediately.
Is it possible to disable some features ?
Screenpresso PRO supports policies. You can disable video capture, sharing, live update features, and more...
Start "screenpresso.exe /policies" to generate a .reg file on your desktop. This file contains all supported registry entries.
How to uninstall Screenpresso ?
Simply open "Programs and Features" window in Windows' control panel to uninstall like any other programs.
You may want use command line instead: "screenpresso.exe /uninstall" or "screenpresso.exe /uninstall pf" to uninstall from program files.
What is portable mode ?
When Screenpresso is launched from a removable drive (like a USB key), all screenshots, videos and settings files are stored next to the exe.


Why my screen becomes black when I start a screen capture ?
Your antivirus might be protecting you against unwanted screen capture.
Add Screenpresso.exe to the white list or disable screen capture protection.
How to change default image's definition (DPI) ?
By default, Screenpresso uses your screen resolution for the captured image. Most commonly this is 96dpi. Now if, for instance, you are writing a book, your editor might request pictures at 180 DPI.
- Open Screenpresso settings window, then go to "Screenshot" tab
- Choose "Yes" for Image resizing then click on the "Configure" button
- Leave 100% for Percentage
- Check "Resolution" then write 180
- Click OK then close settings window
Now all newly taken screenshots will automatically be modified.
How to copy a drawing element in the editor ?
Hold the Ctrl key during drag & drop of a selected drawing element.
How to start a screen capture with one mouse click ?
When Screenpresso is installed, it adds a Windows' sidebar gadget. To display the gadget, right-click on your desktop then choose "Gadgets". Double-click on Screenpresso gadget to add it to your desktop.
Left-click to take a screenshot.
Right-click to start a video capture.
What are the .presso files ?
When you start editing a screenshot using Screenpresso's internal editor, a .presso file, having the same than the edited screenshot, is created in a folder named "Originals". This files contains the original screenshot and all performed changes.
If you want a friend having Screenpresso to be able to update your modified screenshot, you must send him the .presso file and he must drag and drop it to its history window.
Can I change "PrintScreen" shortcut key ?
Start Screenpresso then open workspace Windows. Click on "Settings" button at the top right of the Windows.
Go to "Hot keys" tab then change properties.
Can I reduce font size of the software ?
Right-click on the desktop then choose "Screen resolution". Click on the second link at the bottom of the screen "Make text or other elements smaller or bigger".
Change font size from 150% to 125% then click "Apply" button.


Why must recorded video be converted ?
Screenpresso compresses video using its own, non standard, video encoder named SPV1. This one is specific to video capture: it does not reduce image quality and does not use too much processor time during video recording. Meanwhile, its compresses enough to reduce disk usage.
If you want to send your video to someone, you must convert the video to a smaller and standard format using Screenpresso's built-in converter.
Supported outputs are MP4, WMV, WebM and OGG.
Is sound recording supported ?
Screenpresso can record sound using Windows' recording engine.
Starting from Windows Vista and Seven, Microsoft removed the "Record what I hear" option to protect some copyrights.
According to this, Screenpresso can record sound only from the microphone... but there is a workaround here.
Why do I record a black screen ?
When you play a movie, overlay might occur. The images are not sent to Windows but directly to the graphical card. That is, by default under Windows XP, you cannot record a movie using any standard screen capture software like Screenpresso.
Workarounds exist:
1) disable overlay using your video player's settings
2) play 2 videos at the same time. Since overlay works for only one video at once, it will be possible to record the second movie

- Screenpresso is not made to capture movies. The result might not be good
- You must check if the movie is not copyrighted
Can I record a movie ?
Screenpresso is optimized to record screen activity but not to record a movie on your screen.

- Screenpresso is not made to capture movies. The result might not be good
- You must check if the movie is not copyrighted


Memory usage ?
Screenpresso is fully optimized to be fast and keep memory usage low.

Anyway, since this might not be enough for some people, Screenpresso uses another mechanism. After 2 minutes of inactivity, and when the last window of the software has been closed, Screenpresso also restarts itself automatically. This allows being absolutely sure the memory usage is always low, even if Screenpresso has been started weeks ago by the user.

If you still think Screenpresso uses too much memory, don't be confused between private memory and shareable memory.


Can I use Screenpresso FREE at work ?
Yes, this is not a problem. Differences between FREE and PRO versions are described here.